About Us

Welcome to GlitterBugFairy and thank you for visiting our site!  This is Shanna and Andy and we are a little mom and pop shop in small town Nebraska.  GlitterBugFairy started in 2014 selling embroidery vinyl out of our tiny living room and has grown to all sorts of embroidery and crafting supplies.  It is still ran out of our home, but now it is a much larger home (and feels even bigger since 3 of our 5 kids have grown up and moved out on their own now, although the dogs seem to take almost as much time as the kids did!) and have so much to offer both small time and big time crafters, long timers and newbies, experienced and just getting your feet wet people.  We print our own custom vinyl with our specialty printer so we have endless possibilities of new vinyl!  With just the two of us (and the occasional kiddo that comes over to work when they realize they are out of money) we usually get packages out within the following business day, but can occasionally need 2 business days when we have sales or new prints.  We hope you enjoy your time spent on our website and facebook group and hope to see pictures of your fun crafting!

--Shanna & Andy