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Stick Puzzle kit set of 5

This kit includes the vinyl to make 5 puzzles. Finished size is 4.5x6 inches, each puzzle has 8 pieces and uses standard size popsicle sticks. These are made with printed vinyl, sets include front and back piece, no extra vinyl or supplies are needed other than the popsicle sticks if you choose to add them. These work with the template design from BowsAndClothes. Simply cut out each printed rectangle, stitch step 1 directly on stabilizer, this shows the outline of where to put your printed vinyl. Place vinyl piece with picture centered inside stitched rectangle. Stitch step 2. Remove hoop, place solid vinyl piece on back of stabilizer, hot glue or tape in place. Return hoop to machine and run step 3. Remove from hoop and cut. You can slide popsicle sticks in each piece. This vinyl is very durable, and these can be used without adding the sticks also.