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Tap flashers

Tap flashers are a tiny flasher that measure 3/4 of an inch wide, 7/8 of an inch tall, and 1/4 inch thick. They are activated by vibration, so any time you tap them they will flash. They will also flash if you shake them, or if simply tap the table they are sitting on. Any sort of vibration will make them go through a round of flashing. One round of flashing lasts for about 5 seconds, and then the lights will stay off until activated again. Tap flashers have a battery life of about 300,000 flashes. Time will vary depending on use, but typically these last about 6-12 months. Batteries are NOT replaceable. Tap flashers can be used in so many ways!! Wands, felties, bracelets, added to bows. They are even waterproof, so you can add them to a shirt or favorite blanket or stuff animal. Tap flashers are best used with the feltie/flasher vinyl (listed for sale under the embroidery vinyl category) but can also be used with some thin, light weight fabrics. 

Tap flashers come in either white or rainbow. The rainbow have 3 lights, red, green and blue, and each color flashes rapidly at a different time, which gives the rainbow effect. 

These are sold each, or in packs of 25 or 50.

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