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Feltie and flasher vinyl

Feltie/flasher vinyl is perfect for use with flashers. It does not have the canvas backing, which allows the lights to flash through.

rolls measure 10x48 inches 

sheet measures 8x10 inches

This vinyl is very thin .36mm-.40mm depending on the color. It is a sealed vinyl, which means it has a layer over the glitter making it completely sooth, and also keeps the glitter from flaking off.   Very easy for machines to stitch through and easy to cut.  This works great with running stitched and fill stitches with low density.  This is NOT recommended for satin stitches (such as appliqué) or dense fills as it often perforates the vinyl and peel away. Many people have used it successfully for satin stitches by doubling the stabilizer, or putting a layer of felt between the stabilizer and vinyl, or slowing down the machine speed. Due to all machines being different, if you have not used this vinyl before I recommend only buying one piece to see how your machine does before making a big purchase

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