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Air Mesh

Air Mesh!

Full rolls are 16x58 inches
Half rolls are 16x28 inches

Breathable Air Mesh is the perfect material for the back panel of your Mav Packs. It is a 3mm thick padded breathable mesh, making it more comfortable to wear your Mav Pack against you. It allows air to get through, and the 3mm thick squishiness makes carrying hard items in your pack so much better! This is the type of fabric you find on most back packs you purchase in stores, and also is often used for the backing on dog harnesses.

Many people confuse this with regular mesh, which is simply the top layer of air mesh, does not have the padded backing, and is commonly used for shell bags or stretchy pockets on back packs. This air mesh is the PADDED 3mm thick material, used as the squishy back of expensive, professional backpacks.
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