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Monthly Subscription 12x53 Canada ($85 + $38 Shipping)

Welcome to our GlitterBugFairy Monthly Subscription!

the monthly subscription now includes 3 different things!

- 5 rolls of NEW vinyl

- goody bag surprise

- mystery coupon

Vinyl- You will receive 5 NEW rolls of printed vinyl, shipped on the 10th of each month. Each roll will be different, and from a mix of categories/themes. Theme will be announced in our Facebook group.  All vinyl will be new, not yet released, and not currently available for purchase to those without a membership. This ensures you will have the newest vinyl as soon as it comes out! But don’t worry, if you need to purchase more, all membership prints will be available on the website by the 15th of each month. 
Goody Bag- Every month you will receive a small bag containing extra fun items! The goody bag will be something different every month, with an average retail value of $5-$10. 
Coupon- On the 5th of each month, you will receive by email a coupon code for 25% a single purchase of items in one category on our website It might be a type of vinyl, it might be an accessory such as purse straps, or it may be something brand new. Your coupon code is good through the end of the month (don’t forget to use it before it expires!) and is a unique code that can only be used ONE time, and only by you when logged into your account. Each month the coupon category will change, and the category to use the coupon for is always a surprise!

Billing and subscription details-
Your account will be charged $85 plus the standard shipping fee (currently $9.50 for US customers, $28 for Canada) on the 5th of each month. Once you register for this subscription, your new vinyl will automatically ship and your account will automatically be charged until you cancel. Cancelling is simple! You can cancel online through your original email you received when you subscribed, or you can email us at or

This is for 5 rolls of 12x53 inch size.