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Dew Drop Panel set Dragonfly

Dew drop Panel sets are made to work with Kim Azcona’s Dew Drop bag design. While they will also work with other patterns, these are specifically made for the large pattern piece to fit the unique shape of the Dew Drop, with the narrow top and the wide bottom. 
Over measurements of the panel are 7.25 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall. 
Coordinating print measures 12.5x19 inches.

Each Dew Drop Panel set includes 1 panel and one coordinating print. This is enough vinyl to make the entire Dew Drop bag including the wristlet. Please note, this Panel set includes only the vinyl, and you will still need other items such as zippers, interior lining, and hardware.

PLEASE remember to cut out all pattern pieces and arrange on the vinyl BEFORE cutting anything to ensure you have them fitted correctly, and have enough vinyl for all needed pieces. 

Pattern for the Dew Drop can be found at Kim’s website-

$11.00 $12.00