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Pink Steampunk Panel Kit

Panel kits come with 2 panels, 1 piece coordinating print, 1 roll WPC.

The 2 vinyl panels each measure 13x15 inches, with image size 7 inches at the widest point, leaving approximately 4 inches of solid vinyl on each side of the images

Coordinating print measures 13x20 inches

Printed WPC measures 13x56 inches

For those of you who are new to Water Proof Canvas (WPC), it is a thin, waterproof material similar to vinyl but without the canvas backing. It has a deep texture, and a flat matte finish. Because it is so thin, and waterproof, it makes a great lining for the inside of bags. 

All printed vinyl is printed in house, on a high quality vinyl that can be sewn or embroidered on. It is a great thickness, holds up great with all stitching, but is flexible and easy to turn.


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