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Printed Vinyl Panel Blue Jay on Light Blue

Printed vinyl panel made to be the perfect size for a Mav Pack. This is a superhigh quality vinyl that is custom printed in house. Great for all sewing and embroidery projects. It can be used on domestic or industrial machines. Our vinyl measures .95mm thick. Vinyl can be machine washed on gentle, and dried on low heat.
Each panel measures 8.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches tall.
Panels are design to work with the Mav Pack design by LindsHandmade, but can also work with other projects.
The standard mav made at 100% size uses a panel 6.5x8 inches. This panel works for the standard size, but also for the larger sizes, up to 130%. Please note, depending on what size your mav is made at, some of the image may be cut off around the edges.

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